Cost Of Childcare

The cost of childcare for your family depends on several factors, including:

  • What type of childcare you use

  • How many children you have needing care

  • How many days a week your child attends care

  • Whether you can get government assistance with childcare costs


Costs can vary across childcare services. For example, costs might depend on whether your childcare service:

  • charges fees for days children are away

  • charges fees on or are closed for public holidays

  • supplies things like nappies and meals

Child Care Subsidy

The Government Child Care Subsidy (CCS) aims to make early learning more affordable. If you’re eligible, the Australian Government pays the Child Care Subsidy directly to your approved childcare service to reduce the fees you pay.

You can receive the Child Care Subsidy if you are:

  • responsible for paying childcare costs for a child for whom you care for at least two nights a fortnight or 14% of the time

  • an Australian resident or your partner is (there are some exemptions)

Your child must be:

  • immunised or catching up with immunisations (there are some exemptions)

  • not attending secondary school, unless you can prove your child needs supervision


You can receive the Child Care Subsidy if you’re a parent, step-parent, foster parent, grandparent or kinship carer.


The amount of subsidy you can get depends on:

  • the type of childcare you use

  • your child’s age

  • how many children you have in care

  • your family’s income

  • the things you and your partner do while your child is in care i.e. study, volunteer, work activities

How can I find out how much I will pay?

To find out how much Child Care Subsidy (CSS) you can receive, you can check out Australia’s Payment and Service Finder.


If you’re interested in enrolling at Heritage House Childcare, it’s best to contact us directly to ask about fees. If you can get government assistance, your child care costs could be much lower than the fees you’re quoted.

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